Thursday, January 31, 2013

Colorlines; Shades of Brown

In Soledad OBrien's Latest installment of "Who is Black in AMERICA", the issues of color in the "black" community are discussed. The ways black people are defined by themselves and others was called into question. How one views self and how the world views you take on two different roles. she then asks her audience to define blackness. The terms black and African American can not be attributed to every person of color. In my opinion, to be black is to be a person of color while one who is African American is one who's parents and grandparents have been born and raised in AMERICA.

Yet issues among African Americans arise when people tend to get shade specific as if the brown paper bag test is still being applied. Both in social networking and in day to day conversation, people of color compare and contrast those of darker skin complexion to those of a lighter shade. To be lighter, makes one better and those who are darker. These are just a few of the slave masters tricks still at play. Shade divisions and contentions exist only to separate and divide the black community.

In the words of a very conscious friend of mine Jacob Maxey "most if not all people of color are still under some for of mental slavery. we tend to set our self back by falling into beliefs that have kept us lockdown still to this day." To be of any form of color is to be subject of being called or assumed black. This however should not be viewed as a derogatory term. The world is more populated with more people of color than white and this should be awe inspiring, to be of such a vast and beautiful people. So whether you are very light with just a hint of African or African American, or dark like the evening sky with a twinkle in your eye, believe in the beauty of you and your people.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rosa Parks 1st Black Woman To Get Statue On Capitol Hill

Rosa Parks 1st Black Woman To Get Statue On Capitol Hill | Celebrity News & Style for Black Women | Page 2

In the spirit of celebrating black women all year long, It has just been announced that Civil Rights Activist Rosa Parks will be the first black woman to have a statue in her honor on Capitol Hill. While it has been known that Rosa Parks was not the first or only black woman to refuse to give up her seat, it was her Resistance that sparked the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama.

Each state receives the honor to nominate a leader from among them for a statue on Capitol Hill and Alabama Chose the Honorable Rosa Parks. Lets make this tradition of honoring African Americans throughout 2013. This is the Year for return of Blacks in popular culture, so let us support them in movies, music, books, politics and fashion.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Destiny’s Child To Release New Album

Beyonce announced Thursday on her official website that the group would reunite for a greatest hits compilation album titled "Love Songs". The album is scheduled to be released on January 29, 2013. Among the amazing singles the group has deliver over the years; the album will feature one new song titled “Nuclear”. Members Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland will join Beyonce in the album release.

While it was announced late 2012 that Beyonce would be performing at the Super Bowl 48 Halftime Show, rumors have been swirling that Destiny’s Child members will be join “King B” on stage. If this is true, this year’s Super Bowl will be a show to remember.

The 90’s all girl group has certainly delivered great singles over the years together. We can’t forget their number one single “Bills, Bills, Bills” or “Bootylicious” which has now been added to the oxford dictionary. “Say My Name” remains a fan favorite till this day no matter your relationship status. “Independent Women” and “Survivor” had every young women feeling empowered and in control. The group has sold more than 60 million albums worldwide and anticipates those numbers to triple with the release of this latest album. So grab your girls and prepare to be jamming to Destiny’s Child latest album release.