Monday, June 24, 2013

5 Things We Learn from Kelly Rowland's "Dirty Laundry"

Ms. Kelly's album may be at the top of the charts right now for it's great musical attributes but her hit single "Dirty Laundry" has lots to tell about the lives of women.

1. Jealousy of a friends success is not cute!
We may actually love some of our girls like a sister but sometimes they may gain opportunities that we also wanted. This does not mean that there is some deep dark jealousy brewing of the person but more so of the successes they gained. So even if there are some feelings of jealousy, we still should be  happy for our friends and remember that since we were down with them before they achieved this success that naturally they would want to pull us up with them.  

2. Domestic Violence does not equal LOVE.
Love might hurt sometimes but it should not be painful for an extended period of  time. If someone continuously hits and abuses another, physically, mentally and emotionally there is no love in that relationship. If someone is abusing you, report them to the proper authorities and get out of that relationship. That relationship is based on control and not love. You deserve to be with someone that loves and respects you and treats you the way you feel that you deserve. 

3. Don't hold pain in, it makes you ugly.
Harboring lots of anger and resentment often results in less smiling and subsequently as perceived ugly face or bad attitude. Remove negative energies from your life right from the start. Don't let drama build up over time and cause a big war with a good friend. Settle disagreements fast and cut off those who are afraid of your shine. Don't let others with negative energies stay in your circle too long, it could damage your aura and worse make you like them.

4. Always believe in Yourself!
Always, Always, Always believe in your skills, talents, abilities and the power of you. Never let anyone break the confidence you have in yourself. If you don't first believe in you, who else will? 

5. Don't put any man ahead of your girls.  
I know it might be tempting to let a fine brother walk into your life and forget all about your friends but don't. Any man that loves you will love your friends and family too. Your girls will always be there if anything should ever happen  to your man candy, trust and believe that your girls will always have your back. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Amanda Seales' "Death Of The Diva

Culture critic, artist and activist formerly know as Amanda Diva has put death to the Diva. All references formerly known as diva have since forth must ceased and desist. In an completely newand original   one-woman musical narrative Seales critiques "pop culture's portray of women" especially in music and television. 

The former Diva notes that her inspiration for this project came out in response to the massive amount of negative images of women in the music and television industries. In the narrative, Seales poses as several different characters and some men as a retrospection to what today's society finds as entertainment. 

Seales notes that when she was growing up there were many positive and powerful women being the best at their craft. These women possessed a quality beyond their talents that inspired forthcoming generations to do great things with their own talents. However the reality of contemporary culture relies in reality TV stars fighting and spitting on one another in public places and female MC's creating an army of Barbie "wanna-bees" 

This narrative certainly puts into perspective the question of what values are we sending to our younger generations. 

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

J. Cole’s Born Sinner Leaks Online

If it was not enough to have J. Cole’s  “Power Trip” both stuck in our head and on repeat on our favorate radio stations, tracks from the album will be blasting from cars all summer. J. Cole’s second studio album Born Sinner Leaked online a mere week before its official release date June 18. The album release date is also the same date of Kane West’s Yeezus, the 8th studio album by the  veteran MC .  The album leak has created a buzz that puts Born Sinner as a must have summer album.

Cole’s first single off the album “Power Trip” has been the official intro to summer jam and an instant hit. The track that features R&B singer Miguel has women swooned and men admitidly falling in love. The album itself is complete with powerful reflective tracks, skits, interludes and funny voices curtrsery of Kendrick Lamar. The album title track “Born Sinner” featuring James Fauntleroy is a higlinsightful track of Cole’s life before enter the music industry and after. He admits that like us all he was born sinning but he tries to live better than that.

If Kanye West is a Self proclaimed God among men then J. Cole is the everyman of mankind placing our stuggles and successes to  a beat complete with background choir. “Born Sinner” opens with Villuminati, refenceing the music industry and the illuminati controversery. Track five, “ Forbidden Fruit featuringKendrick Lamar will have fans vibing to and reciting “Coleis King” and this album his crowing moment. “Forbidden Fruit” refrences the orginal sin of Adam and Eve, complete with 23 psalms quote. Cole’s lyrics on this track are pure genusis,“Forbidden Fruit/watch for the Adam’s apple/what you eat don’t make me sh*t/who you F*ck don’t make me cum/price on my head wont make me run/trying to kill but it can’t be done/put two and two together/ Cole here forever”. Despite the lack of promotion from his lable under Jay-Z and his compartlivly small fan base, Cole continues to deliver great music and spit from the heart.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Internship With

Hi fellow bloggers and fans of the blog.

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